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Magda Mendes won the ‘Gouden Notekraker’, the Dutch Music Industry prize from SENA for professional musicians in 2018. With this prize musicians honour each other for the most inspiring artistic performances of the past season. The nomination followed the release of Mendes’s CD Oliveiras.

The Portuguese singer, who has lived in Rotterdam for almost two decades, makes small-scale, autonomous productions. Together with her regular guitarist and co-author Ward Veenstra, she released three albums under her own name: documentary and music Casa da Bôxa (2011), fado classics Silêncio (2015) and the personal Oliveiras (2018) with which she tours the major stages in The Netherlands.

Now she is back with new songs ‘liedjes van de wind’ Com o Vento.

entree: € 22,50 (22+) en € 10,- (t/m 21 jaar) inclusief koffie/thee bij binnenkomst en drankje na

Zondag 24 september 2023 15.30 uur

Kerk van Peize


"We spelen in deze productie als kwartet, waarvan de helft uit klassieke muzikanten bestaat en de andere helft Wereld/jazz" .

Magda Mendes - zang, percussie, gitaar

Ward Veenstra - gitaar en Portugese gitaar

Gustavo Cabrera - viool

Cèlia Ruiz - cello  

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